Centenary September 1994

The Centenary Meeting held on Saturday 24th September 1994 at Loughton Masonic Centre, Loughton

The 414th meeting was the occasion of the Lodge’s Centenary celebration, and to mark the occasion the four most senior brethren W Bros Dickie Gale, Bill Kelloe, Charles Hilliard and Frank Bagnald occupied the principal officers’ chairs and the office of D.C. for the first part of the proceedings, during which W Bro Gale was elected an honorary member as a token of respect for all that he had done for the Lodge over the past half century.

After the regular Lodge business had been completed, W Bro Cyril Gathergood PPSGW addressed the brethren in the following terms “As Secretary of Bagshaw Lodge of Instruction it is my privilege and very great pleasure, on behalf of the ‘Friday Night’ boys, to present to Thomas Ralling Lodge twelve Officers’ Collars as you celebrate your centenary. Searching through the records I find your earliest member was Bro Davis in 1935, followed by the evergreen Dickie Gale in 1946, and Ray Gilbert in 1959. The next two were Stan Wilson and Fred Perkins in 1960, followed by Charles Hilliard and Bill Kelloe in 1964. Since then of course many young and keen brethren have come along from your Lodge and helped to make the Lodge of Instruction a happy meeting place on a Friday night.”

The Lodge was then called off, and called on again at 5:00 pm, when the Provincial Grand Master and six officers of Provincial Grand Lodge entered in procession. The Warrant of the Lodge was read by W Bros Hilliard and Kelloe, the minutes of the Consecration meeting were read by W Bro Chafer, and a brief history of the Lodge was delivered by W Bro Mathews. The Provincial Grand Secretary W Bro K Harvey PAGDC read the Centenary Warrant, and the Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Guy Jerman LLB, then presented it to the Master, who received it on behalf of the brethren. The Provincial Grand Chaplain, W Bro the Rev Henry Heath, then gave a most interesting Oration, in which he touched first on the life of Thomas Railing, and then on the building blocks which shape the lives of all masons – belief in God, duty, charity, and secrecy.

The Provincial Grand Master and his retinue then retired from the Lodge. At the most enjoyable festive board which followed, the Provincial Grand Master was presented with a cheque for £250.00 for the Essex Provincial Charity Fund, and a further cheque for £2,500.00 for the year 2000 Festival. During his response to the toast to the PGM, VW Bro. German honoured the Worshipful Master of Thomas Ralling Lodge, W Bro Don Panrucker, with an appointment to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer.

Officers in 1994 at the Centenary

Worshipful Master W Bro Don Panrucker
Senior Warden Bro Bill Emmerson
Junior Warden Bro David Tidman
Treasurer W Bro Jeff Law PPSGD
Secretary W Bro Harry Chafer PPJGD
Director of Ceremonies W Bro Ken Hicks PProvGStwd
Almoner Bro Alf Harrold PPGPurs
Charity Steward W Bro Alan Huttley PM
Senior Deacon Bro Ron Carr
Junior Deacon Bro Peter Fuller
Assistant Director of   Ceremonies W Bro Dick Mathews PM
Assistant Secretary W Bro Frank Bagnald PPJGW
Inner Guard Bro Robert Lankaster
Steward Bro Jack Grinney
Steward Bro Keith Hicks
Steward Bro Charles Gauci
Steward Bro Andy Franklin
Tyler W Bro Angus Henderson PPGSuptW
IPM W Bro Kelvin Stone PM